Posture & Ergonomics Assessment

Clinical Somatics Sessions

Now Accepting In-Person Clients!

Starting January 2022, Richard is now booking in-person clients for Clinical Somatics sessions.

What is Clinical Somatics?

Clinical Somatics is a hands-on modality that uses neuromuscular retraining to relieve chronic pain and improve physical function and mobility.  It increases motor control and changes habitual muscle patterns. 

Step 1 - P&E Assessment

The Posture & Ergonomics Assessment will help you:

  • Optimize your computer workstation to correct your posture.

  • Relieve pain and learn to sit more comfortably so that you can focus and be more productive.

  • Integrate somatics into your daily life.

  • Understand what aligned and misaligned feel like in your body.

  • Create a baseline awareness to track progress moving forward.


Our bodies were not designed to sit in chairs so we tend to sit slouched over and misaligned. Day after day, that misalignment compounds in our bodies until we lose the sense of what relaxed and aligned feels like. Pain and discomfort become our normal, or we become numb.

So, we need to recondition a new normal!


P&E Assessment Details

  • 90-minute Zoom video session

  • Complete this survey 24 hrs before your session

  • If you can, bring yoga blocks, a few hard cover books and a pillow

  • Includes video recording of assessment

  • $120 + tax 

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Step 2 - Build New Habits

Follow Up Sessions & Packages

Poor posture is learned; it's a habit. So, working with your nervous system to build new movement habits and relieve pain takes consistent practice. Receive customized support and somatic lifestyle coaching that empowers you to create long-lasting change.


  • 60-minute Zoom video session

  • Includes video recording of exercises 

  • $110 + tax per 1-off session

  • $600 + tax for 6-session package